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The world of women

The world of women

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The world of women is multidimensional and not understood by many ... sometimes a woman can not characterize him, explain it and give him a definition. No wonder the woman has always been associated with mystery and alien soul called darkness. Thus, we can say that the world of women is a mystery in the darkness - it is both paradoxical and absurd, and not logical. Maybe this is the beauty of women ?! The beauty of her world fascinates, attracts, frightens and turns everything upside down ...

The metaphorical cards "The World of Woman" are just as amazing as the woman herself - in them you should look, listen and open your soul and heart to meet them. They are a mystery, they contain many signs, symbols and associations that are intertwined in an incredible way, offering us to understand ourselves and the world around us.

The artist of these amazing paintings, on the basis of which the deck is composed, Yana Tsaches from Ukraine. She does not call herself an artist, although her talent is visible in every picture of her. Her pictures, like nothing else, marvelously involve us in her unique world of vision of the Woman.

Sure metaphorical associative cards "Woman's World" will be interesting not only to professional psychologists, but also art lovers and all those who are attracted to the mysterious world of women!

Product Details

  • Country: Kazakhstan
  • Author: Tatyana Fedorova
  • Artist: Yana Tsaches
  • Cards amount: 73
  • Cards size: 10х7 см
  • Deck size: 10,5х7,5х4,5 см
  • Deck weight: 195 г

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