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Associative cards SENS represent a collection of author's abstract paintings. Being a unique projective material, they can be used for self-discovery, development of imagination and creative abilities, stimulation for a sincere conversation, as a stimulus for psychological diagnosis, as the basis, the form of organization of group classes. Personal growth, crisis aid, post-traumatic syndrome and consequences of violence, problems of child-parent and conjugal relations, group dynamics, ways of solving conflicts, dependencies, goal-setting, meaning of life are far from a complete list of areas where the use of project maps as a metaphor and stimulus to appeal to imagination, fantasy and the flow of associations.

Translated from French, the word "SENS" has several meanings: "feeling", "perception",

"Consciousness", "reason", "meaning", "general content", "direction of movement".

Indeed, these paintings, filled with feelings and emotions, are a springboard for many associations, a direction for revealing or creating a new perception, new meanings and meanings.

Product Details

  • Instruction:Download instruction
  • Country: Belarus
  • Author: Maxim Bedulenko
  • Artist: Maxim Bedulenko
  • Cards amount: 70
  • Cards size: 9х6,4
  • Deck size: 9,5х6,7х2,5
  • Deck weight: 200

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