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Metaphorical cards "Seasons" - a pictures with landscapes that allow you to design a person's mood for an image. This allows us to identify the internal problems of a person, analyze them and draw conclusions and  take the necessary actions. This is possible due to the fact that the same image by different people can be perceived quite differently. In doing so, it causes associations with those experiences that are deep in the soul.

Nature very accurately expresses the soul of a person and his mood, that's why so many poems and songs are dedicated to nature. Associations, which we call landscapes, are typical for the inner mental state of a person. And it is the pictures of landscapes that can "hook" on the living, cause memories and stir up past pain. It may be unconscious emotions caused by the picture and our task as psychologists, with the help of cards, is to help bring it out and allow the client to realize the processes going on inside. Also, the cards give us the opportunity to diagnose (and self-diagnose) temporal and spatial events according to projective methods.

The author of the paintings, fragments of which were used in the deck, our compatriot is a Kazakh artist from Pavlodar Kolodin Alexander Ivanovich. He is in love with our places and depicts nature in his paintings at any time of the year. It was his paintings that so accurately "fit" in the purpose of the deck.

Product Details

  • Country: Kazakhstan
  • Author: Fedorova Tatyana
  • Artist: Kolodin Alexander
  • Cards amount: 73
  • Cards size: 10х7 см
  • Deck size: 10,5х7,5х2 см
  • Deck weight: 195 г

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