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A deck of metaphorical associative cards "Relations" reveals the history of building relationships:

  • with partner
  • With himself
  • with the world as a whole.

And unfortunately, sometimes they are destroyed, leaving our feelings unanswered. Of course, everyone experiences in his own way this or that break of relations, but there is something that remains unchanged at all times and for everyone - pain, as the only satellite that leads through the maze of man’s deepest feelings.

Of course, this is the period where people remain lonely, powerless and heartbroken. But at the same time, this period is the starting point, the beginning of a new path, where you can see and begin to make maximum use of internal resources, become the best version of yourself in peace and acceptance. Even though such events leave an invisible imprint in the very center of a person’s soul, it’s far from the saddest, and you can feel with each card a pack of “Relationships” metaphorical associative cards, and at the same time see that you can live with it too. no matter how painful the relationship - they do not determine the future and the presence of happiness in it. And even such a difficult part of life’s journey is incredibly important and significant, because it is a chance to meet with oneself, feel one’s own depth, experience the strongest internal resources and finally give the opportunity to move forward, creating happy relationships. 

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Lebed Irina
  • Cards amount: 65
  • Cards size: 14,5х10
  • Deck size: 14,5х10х3 см
  • Deck weight: 300 г
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