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The name "ORIGINS" reflects both the beginning (origin) and the reason (basis) for the further course of the process. The word comes from the verb "to expire" (the Old Russian current, leaks "flow, move, escape"). In many languages, this verb is consonant with the Russian "flow" and means the word to run, rush, rush.

With a deck of "ORIGINS" you can go on a journey along the river of life of an individual, family or genus.

103 cards depict various situations that reflect the positive and negative experience of the child's interaction with the world around him, the "useful" and "harmful" behavior of parents, siblings, peers and other significant persons. Each of these cards has a literal and associative space for research:

  • relationships with real children,
  • interacting with the inner child and meeting his needs,
  • revealing the role of object relations and hidden scenarios in a married couple,
  • as well as preventing the transmission of trauma from generation to generation.

Cards "ORIGINS" will help you to feel connected with your depth, to realize and integrate unconscious aspects into consciousness, to perceive your life as an ongoing development process. A person's awareness of his real psychological uniqueness, which includes both the possibilities and the limitations of KG. Jung called Individuation.

Product Details

  • Instruction:Download instruction
  • Country: Belarus
  • Author: Ganushkina M.P.,
  • Artist: Margayeva N.D.
  • Cards amount: 103
  • Cards size: 9х6,5
  • Deck size: 10,5х7,5х5,5
  • Deck weight: 250

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