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Childhood memories

Childhood memories

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The deck of metaphorical cards "Memories of Childhood" is a collection of fragments of paintings by Nino Chakvetadze, depicting everyday situations close to each of us: friendship and quarrels, ups and downs, adventures and dangers, home comfort and loneliness, games and fantasies ...

In contrast to the cards from the deck-sister "From the trunk of the past", a set of images is perceived more resource and positive. The deck is well balanced and contains 4 main themes (corresponding to one of the classic theories about the character):

  • Attitude towards other people, the collective, the society;
  • Attitude to work, to their work;
  • Refers to himself;
  • Relation to things.

It can be used both for working with adults to identify children's traumatized displaced memories, and for diagnosing a child's condition and correcting his inner experiences. Also, the deck can be used to find an internal resource.

Product Details

  • Country: Kazakhstan
  • Author: Fedorova Tatiana
  • Artist: Nino Chakvetadze
  • Cards amount: 73
  • Cards size: 10x7 см
  • Deck size: 11x8x3 см
  • Deck weight: 200 г

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