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Borders and Shelters

Borders and Shelters

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The cards in our new deck express both line borders and the sense of security protected by these borders. That is why the deck has a double name - "Borders and Shelters".

Behind this are two questions of interest to the psychologist:

1. How do we defend ourselves? (What boundaries do we set in different life situations, when interacting with different people? How do we limit our territory?)

2. What do we protect? (Where do we run? Where do we feel protected? What is this area?)

Practicing psychologists have to deal with the topic of boundaries very often.

Child psychologists want to understand what limits their parents set for their small clients. School psychologists say that the student must learn to accept the authority and rules of the adult world, but at the same time form the boundaries of his own Self, protecting his personal and physical space. Psychotherapists often turn to people who do not feel safe, who suffer because of trespassing. In short, this topic is relevant for any psychologist - no matter how old and in whatever concept they work.

Product Details

  • Country: Russia
  • Author: G. Katz, E. Muhamatulina
  • Cards amount: 80
  • Cards size: 9,8х6,8 см
  • Deck size: 15x10,5 x4 см
  • Deck weight: 310 г
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