Metaphorical associative cards "Archetypes of personality" +38 (068) 695-31-16

Archetypes of personality

Archetypes of personality

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An archetype is a certain pattern of behavior or manifestation outside that is well recognized by others on the basis of a set of specific characteristics.

The idea of the creation of the deck was the archetypal images described by the American psychologist Caroline Miss. In 2003, she launched an educational course on in-depth study of archetypes and significantly expanded the presentation and manifestation of the collective unconscious through archetypal images and their influence on humans.

The deck is perfect for the work of psychologists, psychotherapists and coaches, who work with archetypal images and role models. All cards are drawn by professional artist Katerina Yerlina.

The deck consists of:

  • 74 cards with numbered pictures
  • 74 cards describing the "light" and "shadow" manifestations of archetypes
  • 12 auxiliary cards for working with the wheel of life balance with the name of the spheres of life
  • 6 auxiliary cards for dealing with conflicts (triangle of victim-aggressor-rescuer)
  • 5 auxiliary cards for working with subpersonalities (child-parent-adult)

The cards themselves with pictures - archetypical images are quite self-sufficient and can be used in work as usual metaphorical associative cards in counseling and fairy tale therapy.

Cards describing archetypes help clients look at the picture more deeply, uncover limiting and resource sides, and also understand which “lesson” brings the manifestation of a given archetype in life or in a particular difficult situation.

Cards with the designation of 12 spheres of life can be used when working with the wheel of life balance. Moreover, the archetypes will help to look at the wheel through limiting and increasing the "efficiency" in a particular area.

Auxiliary cards for working with conflicts can be used to work with problems in client communication in various contexts: both in family and professional situations.

Product Details

  • Country: Russia
  • Author: Bodrov Aleksander
  • Artist: Erlina Katerina
  • Cards amount: 178
  • Cards size: 11,7x7,2
  • Deck size: 12,5x8x7
  • Deck weight: 600
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