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You have a unique opportunity to work with cards at home. Below is the Flash version of the classic exercise with metaphorical cards. Following the instructions, you can explore your the actual problem and come to certain answers.

Attention! Exercise is created by analogy with the well-known deck of OH-cards for acquaintance with this kind of psychotherapy. The exercise uses non-original images and words taken from free access by the author of the site.


In front of you, two decks of OH-cards lie face down. The big one consists of cards with the names of different life situations, the second of cards with images revealing the possible contents of these situations. In total there are 7744 possible combinations of cards from these two decks.

The technique of work consists in formulating a request by alternately pulling out cards and their association, interpretation.

1.   Formulate the question with which you want to work.

The effectiveness of the work depends on the quality of the formulated question.

Remember: OH-cards are NOT fortune-telling; they do NOT have fixed values (as in Tarot cards). Cards only provide an opportunity to safely explore the content of our inner world, to understand ourselves more and become more effective in solving life problems.

The request should be concise, connected with you, sounding from the research position.

 For example:

  • - I want to explore my relationship with a partner. (or with parents, a child, etc.)
  • - Me and my work.
  • - My inner state.

If there is a difficulty with the formulation of a specific question, a compromise is possible.

  • - I want to explore my actual problem.

 Perhaps you have understood the problem enough. Then focus on the solution.

  • - I want to see possible solutions.
  • - What can I do to change the situation?

 2. When the question is formulated, draw 1 card from the small deck and 1 from the big one.

When we put a card-word under the card-picture, it becomes necessary for us to clarify the integral meaning of this combination. The cards stimulate our intuition and emotions (the right hemisphere of the brain) with the help of the image and excite our rational and analyzing part (the left hemisphere of the brain) by card-word, helping us to find the desired solution.

The exploration consists of the following steps:

  1. Be spontaneous and subjective, express yourself simply and use your imagination. Read the word on the card and explain what it means to you. Notice how the word sounds for you. Remember that there are no "correct" interpretations of cards. In the cards "OH" often there is a phenomenon of reading "between the lines", which is an important component of the research process. It is also necessary to consider the context that arises from the combination of these two cards. Sometimes the maximum effect brings the replacement of the word on the card to the opposite in meaning.
  2. Focus on the feelings that arise when you combine two cards. Be as sincere as possible.
  3. Correlate the interpretations associated with the combination of cards with the context of your question. Use the present tense in the story, say "I" from the first person, instead of "someone", "they", "you". Avoid vague statements such as "if", "may", "might", "however". Avoid unnecessary generalizations, theorizing. Try not to use the words "I think" and "I should."

Please remember: The authors do not believe that any "OH" cards are immoral or offensive. However, in some situations, for some reason, a you may want to remove or replace some of the "OH" cards. You can do this at any time.


3. After answering the question, complete the exercise.

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