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To say goodbye to live

To say goodbye to live

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It is a pack of metaphorical associative cards specially created for psychological work with grief and loss. It contains 64 images, metaphorically reflecting various aspects of human experiences in the loss, and 32 auxiliary cards with unfinished phrases. Authors tried to maximize the possible multi-valued images, so many of the cards of the deck will appear to different people or even the same person in different states as resource, and vice versa - expressing negative experiences.

Losses are unhappy, unwanted, but inevitable companions of our life. Each of us sooner or later learns the bitterness of loss and the pain of parting. And it is unlikely that there will be someone among the assisting specialists who will be able to avoid this topic in their work. Speaking about the loss here and further, we bring this concept in a broad context: not only the death of a loved one, but also any loss or sudden separation, the consequences of which are painful and undesirable for a person. The list of topics that covers psychological work with loss is extensive: the loss of a loved one (death, divorce, separation, breaking of relationships), loss of self-image; loss of sense of security (sudden and forced changes, travel, divorce, treason, falling into the war zone, natural disasters); loss of the future (loss of a loved one, terminal diagnoses).

Despite everything, it is possible to survive the loss - no matter how huge and heavy it may be. The complete loss (always!) Leaves us stronger than we were before. It becomes even sad, but an experience that we can rely on and through which we grow. And even if the loss is irreplaceable and irreversible, there are precious memories, there is gratitude and memory. And there is our inner dialogue with what is dear to us, there is the continuing impact of what has been lost on our lives. Saying goodbye to something or someone does not mean to forget. It means to accept the irreversibility of what happened and to make the best out of it. To live on.

Product Details

  • Country: Russia
  • Author: Travkova M.R.
  • Cards amount: 64
  • Deck size: 15x10,8x3,8 см
  • Deck weight: 270 г
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