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€ 24.00

A unique set of TEENAGERS cards, reflecting the relationships, experiences, feelings, expectations, intentions, behaviors inherent in today's teenagers.

Maps of this set cover the most important aspects, among which are: various forms of interaction with society; child-parent and family relations; teenage love, jealousy and loneliness; first sexual experience, early pregnancy and motherhood; various types of violence; problems of gender identification, dangerous and extreme hobbies, various kinds of dependencies, as well as constructive ways out of difficult life situations.

TEENAGERS can be used to help adolescents experiencing difficulties in social and psychological adaptation, interpersonal interaction, self-understanding and self-acceptance. Cards of this set can be successfully used in the cognitive and developmental activities of specialists working with children.

Product Details

  • Instruction:Download instruction
  • Country: Russia
  • Author: Buravtsova Natalia
  • Artist: Mashtalir Maria
  • Cards amount: 72
  • Cards size: 10х7 см
  • Deck size: 11,5х8,5х4 см
  • Deck weight: 250 г
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