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Set of pictures "Animals"

Set of pictures "Animals"

€ 11.00

In a set of pictures, animals, birds, and insects are selected which are characterized by a particularly good form of adaptation and self-protection. The set consists of 16 animal images and special places for words - codes. Such detail is needed in describing characteristics, actions, comparisons and other psychological transformations and manipulations with animal images. The picture is large enough, the A5 format, which is very convenient for working with children and the group. Muted but clear colors create a feeling of comfort and harmonious perception of the image. This set is well used for such forms of psychological interventions with the client:

  • earch for resources and mechanisms for recovery;
  • for comparison and work with client's subpersonalities;
  • for projective modeling in the process of correction and psychotherapy;
  • for the development of the child;
  • when studying the language, color, shapes, characteristics of animals;
  • for relaxation.

The set includes 16 pictures + a brochure with exercises + animal symbols.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Nazarevich Vicroria
  • Artist: Nazarevich Vicroria
  • Cards amount: 16
  • Cards size: 20х15
  • Deck size: 20х15х1
  • Deck weight: 150 г
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