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The kit "Robots" includes two identical sets of metaphorical cards (84 color and 84 black and white), each of which includes three types of images: heads (28 cards), torsos (28 cards) and legs (28 cards). In the manual describes the specifics of this kit, the basic principles, goals and ways of working with cards, there are cases from practice.

Images of individual parts of the body are combined with each other, so that you can create a "robot" from any cards, you still get a complete picture. The ability to combine different details intrigues, allows you to invent, fantasize.

Cards are designed primarily for psychological work with children, adolescents and parents, but they can be effectively used in work with any adults. The problems can be very different: internal conflicts, the image of oneself as a whole and the image of the body in particular, the notions of relatives and their relations with them, changes, adaptation to new conditions, etc.

The kit is addressed to practicing psychologists.

Product Details

  • Country: Russia
  • Author: Tatiana Ushakova
  • Cards amount: 48
  • Deck size: 22,7x15,6x3,2 см
  • Deck weight: 700 г
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