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€ 5.00

The set consists of 8 images of pots which are different in purpose, shape and color, that are selected in the best traditions of psychoanalysis with the purpose of working with structures of the "Self". Since the symbol of the pot, vessel, jug is one of the most significant and ritualized objects of life, this gives us the opportunity to use this symbol in phototherapy. In the beliefs of the people, the pot was interpreted as a living anthropomorphic being, which has a throat, a handle, a nose, a shard (skull), and a body. Pots are usually divided into pots that carry a female beginning, and pots with a male essence embedded in them. Having carried out an analogy with the form, color, functions in our set of cards, the symbolism of different types of transfer through the image of the pot is concentrated, where it acts as the basis for the characteristics of the integrity of the personality. With this set of cards, you can work both in the associative method and in the art therapy method when working on personal scenarios of a client's life.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Nazarevich Victoria
  • Artist: Nazarevich Victoria
  • Cards amount: 8
  • Cards size: 10x7 см
  • Deck size: 20х15х1 см
  • Deck weight: 150 г
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