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Natalya Buravtsova, a psychologist-consultant, associate cards specialist, and Maria Mashtalir, an artist, created a set of metaphorical associative pictograms, representing stylized, easily recognizable images of various subjects.

The uniqueness of this set lies in the fact that the deliberate stylization of the image, the “departure” from the details and details help the client to concentrate on the most significant, more effectively analyze the causes and consequences of what is happening. Along with the fact that the images on the cards are the simplest concepts accessible to everyone (regardless of age, language and culture), they exclude the unambiguous interpretation and create a field for reflection.

Cards of this set cover the themes of life and death, birth and aging, norms and rules of behavior in society and with close people, reveal individual and archetypical attitudes; represent coping strategies with different life situations.

The PICTOGRAM set is indispensable in cognitive emotive psychotherapy, for working with "rational" clients. It can be used to help people who experience difficulties in social and psychological adaptation, interpersonal interaction, self-understanding and self-acceptance. Cards of this set can be successfully used in cognitive and educational work.

Product Details

  • Instruction:Download instruction
  • Country: Russia
  • Author: Buravtsova Natalia
  • Artist: Mashtalir Maria
  • Cards amount: 72
  • Cards size: 10х7 см
  • Deck size: 11,5х8,5х4 см
  • Deck weight: 250 г
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