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€ 27.00

The MAC "My Mandals" set was created, surprisingly, long and measuredly. Each card - "Mandala" - is a client therapeutic image. No image has been drawn just like that or taken from the Internet space. This is the uniqueness of the MAC.

Mandala is not just a sacred drawing in a circle. Mandala is a part of the Human Soul, a part of its multifaceted experience, experiences, fears, worries and doubts, defeats and victories, joys, tears and laughter, anger and happiness, sadness and tenderness.

The MAC "My Mandals" set is a universal set and involves working with a wide range of customer requests. The universality of Mandalotherapy was shown to us by the psychiatry psychologist Karl Gustov Jung. In his outstanding work "Red Book", Jung gives a number of practical examples in his personal work with Mandala, shows the positive dynamics of the therapeutic process. Experience of outstanding practice and analyst allows us to confidently consider Mandalotherapy as one of the most environmentally friendly and effective methods of psychotherapy.

By combining MAK and Mandalotherapy in this kit, we believe that we give qualified specialists a tool for work, both in psychotherapy and in counseling.

The images applied in this set give the specialist the opportunity to work with various requests, such as: trauma, grief, PTSD; losses; diffidence; sexual disorders; traumatic or dependent relationships; adultery; issues of financial order; destructive personal states; finding oneself; child-parent relations; symbiotic relationship with a partner; and much more.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Alexander Andrushko, Natalia Bazika
  • Cards amount: 55
  • Cards size: 12x12 см
  • Deck size: 12,3x12,3x3,4 см
  • Deck weight: 450 г
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