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Message from ancestors

Message from ancestors

€ 10.00

"Message from ancestors" is a set of 64 cards from ancestors.

Our ancestors are always ready to come to our aid, support us, give wise advice or warn at the right moment. We only need to ask them for help.

The Ancestral Message Deck is an assistant, a tool through which we can hear the words of our ancestors, touch the wisdom of Rod and get their advice.

How to work with cards?

1. Formulate your question or situation in which you need help or advice from your ancestors and Kin.

2. Get 1-3 cards from the deck into the closed one. Read the message of the ancestors.

3. What do your ancestors warn you about? What is advised? What is their message? How is it about you, your situation and your question?

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Serdukova Tatiana
  • Cards amount: 64
  • Cards size: 10х7 см
  • Deck size: 12,5х7,5х3,5 см
  • Deck weight: 300 г
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