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А projective technique for diagnosing the emotional sphere of a child, identifying blocked feelings and emotions. This technique is a tool for child psychologists, which will help: diagnose the emotional state of the child; identify blocked feelings and emotions; diagnose anxiety, aggression and autoaggression; develop the emotional intelligence of the child. The technique is designed to work with children aged 5 years and older. The ICEBERG method consists of a color image of the iceberg (A4), b / w iceberg images for decoration, 37 cards with names of emotions and feelings, 4 cards - family of penguins (dad, mom, children), 5 images of penguin with emotions (surprised, indifferent, evil, sad, crying) and instructions.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Julia Sviatenko
  • Artist: Maria Duginets
  • Cards amount: 46
  • Deck size: 31х22х0.7 см
  • Deck weight: 150 гр
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