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€ 19.00

For happiness, it is not necessary much, it is not necessary to have a figure of 90-60-90, it is enough to be a cheerful, self-sufficient person. This is well demonstrated by Hilda, a beautiful, fun bun. In the Hilda deck, reflecting the life of a cute woman, pictures of Duane Bryers (Duane Bryers, b. 1911, Michigan) were used.

From the works of the artist dedicated to Fat Hilde, comes an incredible positive. Sweet and charming Hilda makes a good smile. This proves that for happiness it is not necessary to be a standard of beauty, it is enough to love life in all its manifestations.

This deck will not only tell you where to draw strength and inspiration for a good mood, but also help you deal with your complexes and tell you how to get out of life's problems. The deck is very resource and suitable in any direction of psychotherapy for women.

After all, we all know how we react to the perfection of our body, and how critical we are about any changes during pregnancy, after childbirth, changes that occur with age, etc.

Product Details

  • Country: Kazakhstan
  • Author: Fedorova Tatyana
  • Cards amount: 60
  • Cards size: 10х7 см
  • Deck size: 11х8х3 см
  • Deck weight: 200 г
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