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Grandfather's Tales

Grandfather's Tales

€ 11.50

They are designed to work with adults and children in order to develop associative thinking, creativity, regulate emotional state and improve interaction with the world around us. "

The name of the deck speaks for itself! Fabulous, warm, wonderful pictures! Of course, they immerse us in a world of dreams, fantasies and fairy tales. Personally for me, it's memories of childhood, of faith in miracles, of moments of boundless happiness. In those moments when the fairytales came to life. Now, after a lapse of time, for many years working with children and their parents, I know that fairy tales do not go anywhere. They are always with us. They help both adults and children overcome fears, solve their problems, give clues about the choice, teach to make decisions, help to find a way out of difficult situations, there would be a desire.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Inna Ivzhenko
  • Artist: Victor Nizovtsev
  • Cards amount: 50
  • Cards size: 12х8 см
  • Deck size: 12,5x8,5x3
  • Deck weight: 300 г
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