Flapjack. Table Psychological Game
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Flapjack. Table Psychological Game

Flapjack. Table Psychological Game

€ 22.00

Psychological game "Flapjack", the creator of which is the German psychotherapist Günther Horne, helps to create and develop communication skills among children. The kit includes: instruction, playing field, cube and plasticine. During the game, its participants create their own heroes from plasticine, as there are no standard figures in it. Playing it, children learn to manage their emotions, correct aggression or offensiveness in a socially acceptable way, make the right choice - in what situations it is necessary to yield and where to fight back. The presented instruction will acquaint you with the rules of the game "Flapjack". Playing it, children create their own style of behavior, which gives an idea of ​​their true intentions and desires. Between the participants in the game process, there are living relationships, for example, when a plasticine character can even turn into a flat cake. The rules stipulate that the victory is given to the participant who first gets to the final goal - the Castle in human form. The game "Flapjack" can be repeatedly conducted with the change of characters, their characters, defining new rules of behavior. It is interesting for children of different ages and adults.

Product Details

  • Country: Russia
  • Author: Gunter Horn, Elizabeth Hellinger
  • Deck size: 26,5x26,3x4,8 см
  • Deck weight: 870 г
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