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Cards and posters "Emotions. Feelings"

Cards and posters "Emotions. Feelings"

€ 6.50

A set of cards and posters "Emotions. Feelings "is an effective tool for psychologists, educators, speech therapists and defectologists, as well as an interesting game for studying with children at home - a set of cards and posters that will help children learn to distinguish emotions, better understand themselves and other people.

All the photos depict children in different emotional states, with expressive facial expressions and gaze belonging to different cultures and races, so each child will be able to identify himself and determine his own mood with the help of these images.

The products are printed on thick cardboard and laminated.

Each set includes a detailed description of exercises, assignments and games with cards and posters, ideas for the work of a teacher, a psychotherapist, recommendations to parents that can be performed on psychological counseling and groups, speech therapy classes, and also for home games.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: DyvaGra
  • Cards amount: 20
  • Cards size: 8х7,5 см
  • Deck size: 32х22х0.5 см
  • Deck weight: 200 гр
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