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Associative maps of metaphorical transformations "Meta-art"

Associative maps of metaphorical transformations "Meta-art"

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Associative maps of metaphorical transformations "Meta-art" is a new psychological tool for working with a client for the structuring a person's inner space. They represent a selection of 76 abstract drawings for the work of a psychologist, psycho-consultant, psychotherapist with images, fantasies, symbols, changes and ontogenetic transformations of mental states. Each drawing has a pair, which for the client can be either the beginning of a story or its continuation. All figures are selected in accordance with the basic archetypal transformations of personality and are divided into categories.

Drawings can act as a material for analyzing fantasies, symbols and images. They can also enter into the process of interpersonal analysis of experience, both in the group and in the individual client therapy process, which can easily be projected onto visual images of drawings. Each metaphorical and archetypal image in the drawings can be expressed in a wide variety of transformations in the pictures of cards "Meta-art." For example, the specific image of the Anima archetype chosen by the client can be positive or negative and emphasize any qualities from their admissible set: sexuality, beauty, wisdom, spirituality, moral virtue, destructiveness, etc. Metaphorical and archetypal transformations do not appear in personal form, they manifest themselves in many situations, places, means, events of our unconscious elections.

So cards make it possible to determine the appropriate motives and identify the most important for the process of healing and recovery of the client. This is an ecological and relatively safe method of deep work of a psychologist with a client.

So associative cards of metaphorical transformations "Meta-art" give an opportunity:

  • carry out a projective analysis of the client's metaphorical images;
  • to reveal the dominant problem in the selection process;
  • provide the necessary resource to overcome the problem;
  • activate hidden resources for the client's self-recovery;
  • work with personal space;
  • disclose the basic laws of development of the individual and collective psyche;
  • to trace the dynamics of the development of the psychological components of man;
  • organize the inner space of a person;
  • actualize active imagination;
  • develop the ability to perceive the power of archetypal forms;

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Nazarevich Victoria
  • Artist: Nazarevich Victoria
  • Cards amount: 76
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