Associative maps of metaphorical transformations "Meta-art" V 2.0 +38 (068) 695-31-16

Associative maps of metaphorical transformations "Meta-art" V 2.0

Associative maps of metaphorical transformations "Meta-art" V 2.0

€ 10.00

Meta-art associative maps of metaphorical transformations is a new psychological tool for self-examination and work with a client for the purpose of structuring the inner space of a person. This is a collection of 36 abstract drawings for the work of a psychologist, psycho counselor, psychotherapist with images, fantasies, symbols, changes and ontogenetic transformations of mental states and phenomena. Each pattern has a symbolic pair, that for the client can be either the beginning of a story, or its continuation. All drawings are selected according to basic archetypal transformations using primary characters. Each card does not have a specific name and has no definite meaning, so any interpretation is "correct"; any name will be a personal symbol for the metaphor. Each of us sees something in one and the same image: a field, a geographical map, a way, mom's hair, and maybe his portrait is METAFORA, the beginning of a new own story of dreams or fantasies, and possibly memories.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Nazarevich Victoria
  • Artist: Nazarevich Victoria
  • Cards amount: 36
  • Cards size: 16,5х11 см
  • Deck size: 18x12x1,5 см
  • Deck weight: 300 гр
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