A set of projective pictures "Apple and the worm"
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A set of projective pictures "Apple and the worm"

A set of projective pictures "Apple and the worm"

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A set of projective pictures "Apple and Worm" V.Nazarevich for diagnostics and correction of children and adults can be used in work with any dyadic structures of personality: I-stress, I-family, I-health, I-resources, I am a goal, I am a problem, I-task, I-conditions, I-money, and so on. 

The pictures represent a variety of interactions between the two components of the apple and the worm. Bright, positive images can be used for the development of spatial orientations in children at the stage of their formation in preschool age in the study of foreign languages, for the development of coherent speech. In psychotherapy, use with clients for the treatment of post-traumatic conditions and intrapersonal conflicts. 

A set of 16 images that will help to depict the full range of possible interactions in dyadic objects. The set of pictures "Apple and the worm" is a projective tool for a psychologist to quickly reach the client's psychological problem with the help of metaphorical images of an apple and a worm. Where the image of the "I" client can be presented in various convenient images: I-like an apple or I-like a worm.

The pictures are made using two basic psychoanalytic symbols - apples and worms, and depict different forms of interaction between these two elements. As part of the activities of psychologists, teachers and social educators pictures can be used to diagnose the mental state of the client and to analyze the impact of stress factors on the integrity of the individual. Alternatively, Apple could symbolize the "Self", worm - negative effects experienced by person under the influence of various environmental factors. Also pictures can be used for such forms of psychological work.

  • Self-diagnostics of mental condition;
  • In order to create psycho-therapeutic tales;
  • For correctional work in overcoming stress;
  • In order to develop the child's speech;
  • In order to develop the child's thinking and imagination formation;
  • As part of the psychological support of the family
  • to work with family relationships in marriage (who is an apple, who is a worm, the level of their interactions)
  • In order to obtain psychological information about the emotional state of the client (on which of the cards is a jolly and happy worm and why?);

The maps are provided with a complete methodological guide to explaining the symbols, methods of working with pictures, tales for psychological support when using pictures in art therapy, interview protocols.

Diagnostic and corrective psychological pictures "Apple and the worm" are recommended to use for work:

  • Parents as developing techniques and techniques of fairy tales;
  • Psychologists for diagnostics and personality correction;
  • Teachers with the development of child speech.

Product Details

  • Country: Ukraine
  • Author: Nazarevich Viktoria
  • Artist: Nazarevich Viktoria
  • Cards amount: 16
  • Cards size: 10x7 см
  • Deck size: 20х15х1 см
  • Deck weight: 150 г
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